Flash Fiction: The Codex

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The Order, Part II

In the center of the Tower of Mystery, the Codex shone upon its pedestal, its illuminated script radiant with peace, wonder, and terror. For what is awe — what is mystery — but these three of the nine virtues?

“What are you doing?” came the voice of Sister Ceodwyn.

Sister Constance wheeled. “I was… only curious.”

Ceodwyn slammed the book shut, her face a mask of fear and fury.

“This is not for our eyes, Constance. We are only acolytes.”

She took Constance by the hand and pulled at her, but Constance pulled away.

“No, Ceodwyn,” she said. “I have to know.”

~100 words

Author’s Note

Something is lost when a story must be explained, but I do think it’s relevant to mention what is going on here, structurally, although I will allow the story itself to do its own interpretation. Let’s start with what I know so far.

I know that there is a story here that wants to be told. I know the story will come in bits and pieces. And I know this particular snippet is not in chronological order. It reads to me like a prequel to the first story in The Order.

But, at this juncture, you the reader, know about as much about this story as I do. I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to piece the events together, just as I must do.

Here’s the first part if you’d like to follow along:

The Order Part I

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Flash Fiction: Edge

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There are places between places. There are times between times. The clocktower has struck one, but the dancer cannot tell if it is one in the afternoon, or one in the morning. Her people do not experience time the way that humans do. For her, this bridge is already decayed, is still being built, and never was at all. Bridges are like that, places between places.

The dancer lifts herself up onto the ledge and does a pirouette. For all the bewildering dimensions that shift around her, she is not afraid of falling. She likes to dance on the edge.

~100 words

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