Play Unsafe: Improv Principles and Roleplaying


Play Unsafe by Graham Walmsley, is an exploration of improv principles as they relate to your favorite activity and mine: roleplaying games. I liked it a lot. Or maybe I liked it an ordinary amount, but because it was so short, it got an inordinate amount of “like saturation”. It was a good book. Let’s talk about it.

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All Hallow’s Read: Something Wicked This Way Comes

All Hallow’s Read is a relatively new tradition begun some years ago by your favorite author and mine, Neil Gaiman. While at first glance, those two words, “new” and “tradition” may seem to sit as uneasily together in a sentence as do “silent” and “scream”, it is nonetheless true that all traditions do begin somewhere. Halloween is a tradition, and someone, long ago, who felt the need to feel their pulse quicken as the year drew to a close, who burned to look mortality in its grinning skull face, and thereby rend the veil between the visible and the unknown, started it.

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