Flash Fiction: View from a Red Schwinn


I am Flash Gordon, as I zoom down the sidewalk. The trees are not trees, but spinning, spiral galaxies, their leaves are not leaves, but stars. My rocketship’s wheels grind over concrete, skip over the curb to asphalt. Ming the Merciless’s fleet is hot on my tail.

At the top of the hill, I look out into the void. The slope is daunting; I have crashed and burned here before, skinning my knees and elbows. I hesitate.

They are close behind me now, whooping, hollering taunts and jeers. I breathe deep, lean forward and push off. It feels like flying.

~100 words

Image by Bikurgurl

Via Bikurgul 100 Word Wednesday Week #74

4 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: View from a Red Schwinn

  1. I love the imagery — I remember the thrill of riding the bike up and down hills, foes on my heels or I’m on their tail. You’ve captured the moment perfectly ❤ Thank you for joining us this week — see you next Wednesday!

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