Moves & Stunts: Premonition


Dungeon World (and by extension, the other Powered by the Apocalypse games) and Fate Core are two of my favorite games. Probably, their appeal for me stems from the fact that they are both so very hackable. Due to their modular design, it’s easy to create new content for them in order to create the exact roleplaying experience that you’re looking for.

Fate, I must say, does this better than Dungeon World because DW classes are pre-written whereas Fate characters are always built from the ground up. However, due to this difference, DW is a much quicker game to start playing than Fate (unless you have a crafty GM, and they start the game with on-the-fly character creation), because all you have to do is pickup your character class, select some options, and get to adventuring.

I thought it’d be interesting to create some new moves for Powered by the Apocalypse games, and show how to create the same ability in Fate Core as a stunt. Stunts are a character’s special abilities, the things that set them apart from other characters.

Given today’s prompt of “Premonition“, let’s make a move/stunt that deals with information gathering. This ability should be appropriate for any setting that allows supernatural intuition or psychic powers. And while it would be easy to create a power like Discern Realities, that allows a player to ask questions and get true answers, I think it’s more interesting if we give the player a little more leverage to dictate the course of the story. This ability will require a lot of trust and cooperation between the GM, and the player. The GM will also be well advised to tweak this ability to the power level and setting of their game.

Dungeon World Move: Premonition

When you do nothing else but concentrate on the possibilities of the immediate future, roll +WIS. On a 10+, choose 3 options below. On a 7-9, choose 1. Either way, take +1 Forward when acting on that information. The GM can disapprove an option, or ask you to change a detail. If they disapprove an option, the GM must award you 1 Hold which is usable to select options from this list in future scenes.

  • Tell the GM one detail you see occurring before the current scene is over.
  • Tell the GM one behavior an NPC will exhibit (e.g. “draw their sword”) before the current scene is over.
  • Describe in detail the layout of the room you are about to enter.
  • Tell the GM one detail about the location of an item you have been seeking for some time.

Fate Core Stunt: Premonition

This stunt is tied to the Empathy skill. It costs 1 mental stress, or 1 fate point to use. Roll versus a difficulty set by the GM, default of +3 (Good). When you take a turn to concentrate on immediate possibilities, roll Empathy to Create an Advantage. If the GM disapproves an option, they must award you a Boost for each option they deny.

  • Succeed with Style: For each Shift, choose one of the options from the Dungeon World move. Acquire an Aspect with 2 Free Invokes that reflects your knowledge of what is about to happen.
  • Succeed: For each Shift, choose one of the options from the Dungeon World move. Acquire an Aspect with 1 Free Invoke that reflects your knowledge of what is about to happen.
  • Tie: Fail to Create an Advantage, but acquire a Boost instead.
  • Fail: Take an additional point of mental stress, or pay an additional fate point to reflect the toll this stunt is taking on your psyche.

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