Flash Fiction: Red Eye

Photo by John Luke Laube

The red eye shuttle from Earth to Mars is a place for solitude and contemplation. I am trapped in thoughts of the upcoming merger with Horizon Corp, unable to sleep, or read, only think.

I look down at the glowing ball of blue and see the mushroom clouds sprout from the ground around the globe. The megacorp has, at last, made its move and made castaways of us all, for there is no Earth to go back to. We are all now trapped with our thoughts, out here in the black beyond, but only for the rest of our lives.

~100 words

via Bikergurl — 100 Word Wednesday: Week 49


One thought on “Flash Fiction: Red Eye

  1. Yikes! One of my top five reasons to not want to go to Mars 😉 When we read {and then subsequently watched} ‘The Martian’, I wondered why anyone would even consider going there — scientific or not. I’m firmly rooted on the Earth as my home planet, but those with a sense of adventure, or perhaps a dystopian future, may have other plans 😉 Thank you for joining us this week!

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