The Ray Bradbury Challenge: 52 Short Stories


Happy December, everyone. It’s about time to start thinking about 2018. Now, I am no big believer in resolutions, but I am a huge believer in personal challenges. Inspired by Matt Cutts’s Ted Talk, as well as the concept of Bullet Journaling, and of course NaNoWriMo, I’ve outlined my workflow in chunks of 30 day challenges for some time now. It works, I promise. Simply trying something new for 30 days, win, lose, or draw; it’ll change your life (let’s forget, for the time being, that almost everything that happens to you, big or small, changes your life in some way, shall we?)

But this post is about a bigger idea, and it’s also an opportunity for me to mention a blog I enjoy: The Ray Bradbury Challenge. The challenge is simple: write one short story a week for 52 weeks. Bradbury promises, they can’t all be bad. In fact, he challenges us to write 52 bad short stories.

I did mention there was a year coming up, in which there are 52 weeks you might elect to use toward the Bradbury Challenge. There are much worse ways of spending the 52 weeks that are in 2018. You could, for example, binge watch 52 series on Netflix. If you instead elect to write 52 short stories, I would genuinely love to hear about it.


2 thoughts on “The Ray Bradbury Challenge: 52 Short Stories

  1. Blimey, sounds full on!

    That said I’m currently in the Wattpad open novella comp, which is, if successful, the production of a 40,000 word novella by the end of January 2018.

    I also run a tight schedule of completing daily prompts here where possible, as well as sundry material such as, well, you know, writing another book, entering other competitions, writing for magazine submission.

    What was I saying about it sounding full on? Sounds like a great idea!

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