Flash Fiction: Nanjo Castille

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“Several consumer surveys have shown,” said Nanjo Castille, “that having a human name helps customers identify with our brand.”

“Okay,” said Detective Merrick, “but I’m gonna call you by your model number, NAN-50.”

“As you wish, officer,” said Nanjo, “perhaps a handbag for the missus?”

Merrick produced a hologram photo from his trench coat. “Have you seen this girl? Name’s Cheryl Wei.”

“No,” said Nanjo, and held up one of the handbags, “but this is a very popular purchase among our sixteen to twenty-one demographic.

Merrick inspected the tag, and in that instant drew his sidearm. It read “Cheryl”.

~99 words

For Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge


13 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Nanjo Castille

  1. Slick flash. You managed to come up with a futuristic explanation and developed a hook into an unfolding investigation. I like this NAN-50 character. Thanks for joining us at the Ranch!

    I think Irene is curious about your banner art (not the photo in the post). I’m interested in its backstory, too. Great writing here! I poked around a bit.

    Liked by 1 person

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